What do we need to do once the containers are full and we need replacements?

Ensure the containers are securely locked (once the containers have been locked they cannot be reopened) pack the containers back into your shipping box the same way you received them. 8 containers for the 2 litre size and 4 containers for the 4 litre size. Place the peel and stick return shipping label you received at time on the lid of shipment of your container. Fax us your Service Request Form and we take care of the rest.

How far can we fill the Sharps container?

Only fill the container to the marked fill line. Once the Sharps containers are full, ensure lids are securely locked, safely packed back into shipping box and request Daniels to come and pick up your containers.

Should we put the caps back on our needles?

No. Never recap you needles. Recapping your needles highly increases the risk on a needle stick injury. Simply drop the needle into the sharps container.

Where do I put other biomedical waste?

For more information on biomedical waste disposal, please contact our customer service department at 1-888-793-2966

What can I put into a sharps container?

Our sharps container can safely store the following. Needles, Syringes, razors, blades, glass, scalpels, lancets, blood soaked gloves and gauze. No liquids are permitted in our containers.

If I cannot find my Daniels shipping box, can I use any regular box?

No. The white Daniels box is the only approved shipping box. Our boxes are properly marked and made to meet Transport Canada and Environmental guidelines; this is the only box acceptable for shipping your containers. If a different box is received by Daniels your shipment will be returned.

Can I throw the white shipping box away once I get my Sharps containers?

No. Please keep your shipping box in a safe place. You will need that box to return your filled Sharps containers. If you misplace your box, there will be an additional charge to send a new shipping carton.

What do I do with the Service Request Form?

Once your containers are full, fully complete the Service Request Form and fax to Daniels at 1-888-793-2956.

What are the forms for that came with my product?

The papers you received are an instruction guide as well as a request form. You will also receive a peel and stick return shipping label. Please keep this in a safe place until you are ready to return your shipment.

Are your containers safe to ship through courier?

Yes. We have designed and tested our containers to CSA Guideline recommendations. We also have an agreement with a trusted licensed courier to ship our containers.

How many sharps containers come in a box?

If you order the 2 litre sized containers you will receive 8 containers inside the box. If you order the 4 litre sized containers you will receive 4 in a box.

Can I return the product once I order it?

No. Unfortunately, Daniels does not accept product returns for a refund. As the containers you are returning will contain medical sharps, we cannot resell the containers. Every container – empty or full – goes through proper disposal protocols to ensure the safety of you, your staff and the public.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes. As a licensed company, Daniels is obligated to ensure the safe disposal of your medical waste. A contract helps us understand where the waste is coming from and helps you to ensure a licensed company is disposing of your waste.